I like to think of the world as a giant classroom. Learning can and should happen everywhere. Farm Mor Por can provide excellent productive hands-on learning experiences for students of all ages. Having spent most of my life as a lecturer at a Medical School, I am confident that my out of class teaching program will be beneficial. If possible I’ll be doing much of the teaching myself. The field trip agenda and other programs can be customized. For international students language should not be a problem as I am fluent in English, having spent 20 years studying and working in the UK.

The followings are some of the knowledge and experiences students will acquire during their stay

Free-range and organic!!!……these terms are banded about ubiquitously these days, but do we really know what they mean? Using our 300 free-range laying hens as a study tool, students will leave the chicken coop not only with fresh delicious eggs but also with a better understanding of what these two words mean or equally important what they do not mean.

  • Brief history of horses including the various breeds.
    We have ten breeds for illustrations.
  • How to train a horse.
  • Horse care and feeding.
  • How a horse think.

The objective here is not to turn students into “horse whisperers” but rather to introduce to them the concept of rational and logical thinking. Horses are simply tools used to deliver this message across. During my training as a medical student we were always taught to understand how and more importantly why things happen the way they do and that there are logical reasons for everything. I would use the same method of teaching for your students. Emphasis is put on problem solving exercise and not just on memorizing.

“Horses can educate and benefit children in a way no other animal can”
Studies have shown that children with opportunities to look after horses have more :

The skills children learn from training and caring for a horse will stay with them forever, not only will it help with their own development but also it will help them learn how to act in social situations.

There is also no doubt that horses can be of great benefit to children with emotional and behavioral issues. In order to properly care for a horse new skills have to be developed. The process of developing these skills can help children who are impatient, anxious, or have low self-confidence.

Under strict supervision students will have plenty of opportunities to handle the horses themselves.

And here is a real treat. We’ll show students a rare opportunity to see a living horse fetus inside its mother’s womb using ultrasound examinations performed by the vet. Even adults get excited about this.

  • Sex education: there is a good chance you’ll see one of our stallions covering the mares.
  • We have an affiliation with The Thai Elephant Conservation Center. Arrangements with the director, Dr. Alongkot can be made for students to attend and take part in various activities available, which often include field trips to Khao Yai National Park.
  • Hayride into the surrounding fields and plantations. Do you know where the various fruits and vegetables you see in the supermarket come from? Well, we’ll take you on a hayride to the local orchards and plantations to see the fruits and vegetables as they are before appearing in the supermarket.
  • Well, as described above there is so much to do and more to learn at Farm Mor Por. But it isn’t just education we offer here. Please have a look at our list of activities. You’ll see how much fun and entertainment we have installed for you. How about jumping off a five – meter high cliff into the clear cool water of Lum Ta Kong creek?
  • Well, as described above there is so much to do and more to learn at Farm Mor Por. But it isn’t just education we offer here. Please have a look at our list of activities. You’ll see how much fun and entertainment we have installed for you. How about jumping off a five – meter high cliff into the clear cool water of Lum Ta Kong creek?

Farm Mor Por offers customized riding camps for children of all levels of abilities from age 6-15. A typical program includes lessons in the arena, playing games on horsebacks and trail ridings as well as learning all about stable management. We work closely with Rick Albertson, a former Olympic dressage coach whose 30 years experience ensure that your children will gain experience, confidence…. and tons of fun at the same time.

Apart from riding lessons children will enjoy the usual farm life, feeding the animals, going on hayrides and swimming at the nearby creek. Safety is taken very seriously both on and off horsebacks. All activities are closely supervised by our experienced and friendly staffs. Children sleep in dormitories accompanied by one of the female staffs. Each riding camp program is individually designed after a lengthy discussion between parents and Mor Por. We would only take up to 9 children

Farm Mor Por: Why you need to go on a farm trip

Farms are wonderful places for adults and children alike to experience nature and wildlife. With their large field, freshly grown fruits and animals of all sizes, there’s a lot of things you can see and do here. 

Farms give you and your children a chance to learn about agriculture, animals, plants and so much more. At Farm Mor Por, we encourage children and adults to look around and experience all that our farm has to offer. 

If you’re still hesitant about going, then here are some of the reasons why you should visit us on your next trip with your family.

Benefits of going on a trip with us

Learns the importance of food

If your children think apples just fall from the sky, then going on this trip will definitely help them be aware where food comes from. By visiting our farm, they will learn how much hard work goes into growing fruits and vegetables. Moreover, they will come to appreciate the fact that sometimes you have to wait for the results of your hard work.

Learns about teamwork

Since farming is a people-intensive job, it takes a lot of workers to run a successful farm. This is a great way to teach your child about teamwork. With this trip, they will learn that everyone has to contribute and do their share of chores to help a unit run smoothly.

Understanding the cycle of life

Understanding the way of life is one of the most important things your child can learn when going on a farm trip. Here at Farm Mor Por, humans, livestock and wild animals thrive together and look after each other’s needs. So, a visit to the farm will teach them to appreciate and accept the process of natural selection as well as inculcate a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Develops sensory skills

By going on this trip, children will have the ability to develop their sensory skills. They can explore different textures such as the animal’s silky fur, see a lot of new sights and hear various sounds at the barn.

Learn responsibility

At Farm Mor Por, you will never run out of things to do. From feeding animals to watering the plants and plucking vegetables, we let you experience what farm life is like. Here, your children are taught to be responsible.

Learns to appreciate food

As your child sees the amount of work that goes into growing vegetables and crops, they will learn how to appreciate food.

Develops a love for animals

Here at Farm Mor Por, we let children feed our animals and interact with them. By attending our trip, they will learn to love and respect them. Moreover, it will teach them how to take care of different animals and learn about their eating behaviour.