The third largest National Park of Thailand Khao Yai, a Unesco World Heritage site is just a stone throw in the north east direction of Bangkok. Khao Yai which literally means big mountain covers an area of 2,168

Due to its proximity to Bangkok, being only 2.5 hours by car the park is very popular at weekends especially in winter (Nov-Feb) when the climate is so refreshing and very cool.

Wildlife: The park is full of animals. A British school teacher who is a patient of mine swore she once saw a crocodile near one of the waterfalls. More recently in June 2014 during a drive through the park my son spotted not only elephants, deer and monkeys but also a bear. So I suppose with a bit of luck it isn’t too difficult to see some wild animals here. Khao Yai is also great place for bird watching, especially for hornbills. Gaur, the largest of all the wild cattle and an endangered species, is another main attraction of the park.

Khao Yai also offers some of the best hiking options in Thailand, with a number of different trails to choose from.

The great roads in and around the National Park also make it a very popular biking destination.

White-water rafting is available in fast flowing rivers of Prachinburi Province in the south side of the Park.