Farm Mor Por: About us

Looking for the perfect family getaway that is both fun and educational for your children? Then we welcome you to Farm Mor Por! Give yourself a break from the pollution and crowds of Bangkok by visiting us today.

Farms are one of the best destinations for children to learn about life. Whether you’re just here for a day visit, a weekend retreat or longer vacation, there is so much to do at Farm Mor Por. From taking care of horses and riding them to growing plants and collecting the harvest, rest assured that you and your family will enjoy it here. Get to know all about us by reading this article below. 

Meet the man behind it all

‘I’m Doctor Nopadol Saropala, an OB-Gyn practitioner here in Bangkok. Incidentally, ‘Mor’ means doctor in Thailand and Por is my nickname, hence it was called Farm Mor Por. Horses are my passion and nothing would please me more than sharing what I love with all of you. Farm Mor Por is a real working horse farm here in Thailand. Unlike most farms where usually there is just one breed of horse, here we have many types of breeds. In this respect, we are more like a horse zoo than a horse farm. I look forward to seeing you all!’

How the farm was made

At first, it was just a hobby for Dr Saropala. In 2010, he bought a few ponies then tried to take care of them. Within a couple of years, his passion for horses grew and bought another 70 of them—all imported from the UK, USA, Spain and Holland. Out of all the breeds, he owned some of the most beautiful and luxurious horse breeds in the world. These include the Arabian, Andalusian, Friesian, Gypsy Vanner and Rocky Mountain horses. He also had some of the largest horse breeds in the world namely the Shire, the famous Budweiser Clydesdale and the Belgian draft horse.

Apart from horses, he started to take interest in other farm animals as well. Some of them include chickens, teacup pigs, goats, ducks and geese. With years of farming experience under his belt, Dr Saropala finally decided to share his love for nature and animals with other people. This is when Farm Mor Por was born.

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