Looking for a greener family vacation destination that is both full of fun and educational for the children? Then look no further. 

Farm Mor Por is your answer. Get away from the bursting pollution and crowds of Bangkok and back to nature and fresh mountain air. Imagine your children without the iPhone, iPads and Androids. Wouldn’t that be the day?

At Farm Mor Por they will be too busy for those hi-tech stuffs and this is what they will be doing:

– Running around collecting freshly laid free-range eggs and feeding the animals instead of queuing up at the indoor theme park.

– Hiking in Khao Yai National Park instead of shopping in the malls.

– Riding horses instead of being stuck for hours in Bangkok traffic.

– Jumping off a cliff into clear cool natural creek instead of swimming laps in a chlorinated pool.

Sorry, I almost forgot to introduce myself, I’m Dr. Nopadol Saropala, a OB-Gyn practicing in Bangkok. Incidentally in Thai Mor means doctor and Por is my nickname, hence Farm Mor Por.

Horses are my passion and nothing would please me more than sharing what I love with all of you. Farm Mor Por is a real working horse farm with a difference.

Unlike most farms where usually there is just one breed of horses, here we have as many as ten breeds. In this respect we are more like a horse zoo than a horse farm.

It all began as a hobby for me. In 2010, I bought a few Thai ponies to try out. Within a couple of years my passion for horses (my friends said it’s more like an addiction) grew into a collection of more than 70 of them, all imported from the UK, USA, Spain and Holland. Of the ten breeds, five are ranked among the top ten most beautiful breeds. These are Arabian, Andalusian, Friesian, Gypsy Vanner and Rocky Mountain. We also have the three largest horse breeds namely the Shire, the famous Budweiser Clydesdale and the Belgian draft horse. These are in striking contrast to our American miniature horses. Standing at only 80cms they are the smallest breed in the world.

Apart from horses you’ll bump into many other farm animals wandering all over the place. These include 300 free-range chickens, teacup pigs, goats, ducks and geese.

Whether just for a day visit, a weekend retreat or longer vacation you’ll find there is so much to do at Farm Mor Por. A typical day starts with collecting fresh free-range eggs from the coop and cooking them for breakfast. Then,how about a pony/horse ride or spending an hour getting a riding lesson? And when it’s too hot to be outdoor we can take you for a swim in a nearby creek where you can jump off a five-meter high cliff into the clear, cool water below. Throughout the day, the children are most welcome to help our staffs with their daily chores feeding the horses and chickens, washing and grooming the horses, or even getting involved in training them.

Being a breeding farm, there are always newborn foals for you to enjoy and if opportunities arise we’ll make sure you see an ultrasound examination of a horse fetus inside its mother’s womb. WOW! That’s something you don’t get to see very often. Also you are quite likely to see one of our stallions covering mares. This could be your children first lesson on S…!

In the evening you might like to go on a two-hour night safari excursion up on Khao Yai National Park where there are wild elephants as well as monkeys and dears to be sighted. The park is only 15 kms from the farm and offers plenty of activities for nature enthusiasts. Back at Farm Mor Por the night can be wrapped up sleeping with the windows wide open breathing in the fresh mountain air.

What you’ll find fascinating about Khao Yai is the climate. Being 420 meters (where Farm Mor Por is situated) higher than Bangkok the climate is cool all year round. In winter, people flock to this area in the thousands just to have a chance to wear their jumpers. The temperature can get as low as 12 degree Celsius. In the summer although the daytime can be quite hot, the evening hours are always surprisingly cool and you seldom need to turn on the air–conditioning.

And guess what? Farm Mor Por is only 2.5 hour drive to the northeast of Bangkok. So if you and your family want to get away from the hot polluted concrete jungle of Bangkok then come to the real jungle of Khao Yai National Park where the air is fresh and clean and spend quality times with us, at Farm Mor Por.

“Once you’ve visited, you and your family would definitely want to come back.